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12 trench coats for women from big brands that are trending | Lifestyle | Showcase

This is an article from EL PAÍS Escaparate that describes women's trench coats with long, medium and short dimensions.
We select a variety of women’s trench coats to debut in fall 2023.Getty Images

Which is the winter clothes to make the transition between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn without giving up the elegance and the practical? Exactly: we are referring to the raincoats. They have been with us for more than a century and in different eras, but they continue to have a great pull between influencersactresses and a large mass of public and critics that make them accepted as a essential of the capsule wardrobe. For this reason, we have visited fashion websites such as H&M, Lefties, Uniqlo either amazon with the mission of finding the best women’s trench coats for fall 2023.

Original trench coatsof multiple colors like navy blue, beige or green to wear in any plan (whether formal or informal) or with waterproof lining. All models meet two premises: they are made with quality materials and none of them exceed 120 euros. And what are they complemented with? Tshirts, pencil skirts, sweaters, Cowboys, heels or with some simple White shoes: Trench coats continue to be the most versatile garments of autumn.


Basic women’s trench coat with belt, Lefties

Exterior and lining made of polyester and sold in four usual sizes (S, M, L and XL): this is this feminine garment available in a beautiful beige color and an elegant bottle green. Its shirt-style collar creates a clear effect in the neck area. The pockets on the sides and the double-breasted double-breasted closure accompany the set. Its length is intermediate.

This trench coat with a simple design, from the Lefties brand, is made of polyester, both its outer area and its lining.

Women’s button-free trench coat, Trendyol

Within the wide universe of trench coats there are also those without button closures. For all those women who like simplicity at its highest level, this garment will seduce you. Made of a mix of polyester and cotton, this trench coat in a single khaki color has a casual design and is easily combined with boot-style footwear. In sizes from 32 to 44.

Made from a polyester and cotton blend, this long-sleeved trench coat is sold in khaki.
Front and back view of the Trendyol brand’s buttonless trench coat.

Long checkered trench coat, La Redoute

A classic among classics: we are referring to the checkered pattern. On this occasion, smaller paintings are interspersed with larger ones on a soft background where pink predominates. The lapels of this trench coat have a normal width and are equipped with contrasting buttons in the neck, trunk and sleeves. They are sold in sizes 34 to 46.

This women's trench coat, from the fashion brand La Redoute, has a long length and eight buttons on its closure.
Very attractive checkered design of the La Redoute women’s trench coat.

Sleeveless midi trench coat, H&M

There are elements in fashion that can be dispensed with to give a different touch to garments such as trench coats. We are referring to sleeveless models. The garment in the image is sold in a light beige tone, its cut is loose with shoulder pads and it has inserted front pockets: great to combine with a shirt underneath, for example. Sold in sizes XS, S and M.

Your wardrobe should always have different trench coats, like this one from H&M that does not have sleeves.
Sleeveless trench coats are also very versatile in any wardrobe.

Women’s trench coat with long classic cut, C&A

This is one of the raincoats with a very high average rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars. It belongs to the C&A brand and has an excellent pattern and fabric finish. For sale in shades of beige, red, dark blue and green, their sizes go up to number 50. It has buttons on the back and sleeves, its fabric is light and its two pockets are made on the bias.

It is an ideal feminine outerwear garment for autumn and has a length that reaches knee height.
Made by C&A, this trench coat features a classic fit.

Women’s long double-breasted trench coat, Only

The Only brand never disappoints. This type of clothing also has a place in its extensive catalog. The garment we have highlighted features double-breasted, inverted collar and its bow-shaped belt is at waist level. In addition, it is sold in sizes 34 to 42 and in two very attractive shades: a caramel color and another in an intense green.

For sale at El Corte Inglés, this classic trench coat is equipped with double buttons and an adjustable belt.
This feminine trench coat is sold in two elegant colors: caramel and green.

Waterproof trench coat in six colors, Wantdo

This other model of raincoat is ideal for counteracting wind and also rain of a certain intensity. It has a lining that is pleasant to contact with the skin and breathable and its classic design can be seen in all the details: in the finish of its buttons and in the shape of its wide lapels, among others. It is sold in several very attractive colors and in sizes from 38 to 46.

The feminine trench coat, sold on Amazon, can be purchased in six very attractive and elegant colors.
This women’s trench coat incorporates a waterproof fabric for light rain.

Women’s ‘oversize’ style trench coat, The Drop

The Drop is a line launched by Amazon in which numerous influencers leave their mark, inspired by the most chic trends. In this case, we are talking about this extra-long trench coat, with a loose fit and side pockets. Easy to match with wardrobe staples (sold in four shades and super wide sizes), and features a nylon and cotton blend.

The Drop brand's loose-fitting trench coat has practical and large pockets.
This women’s trench coat shows off an unmistakable ‘oversize’ design.

Long trench coat with shawl design, Orolay

We close the selection with this other model from the Orolay brand. The garment has a very flattering shawl design on both the front and back. Its collar is rounded, and it is a trench coat that takes maximum care of the details: as can be seen in the area of ​​the buttons and the buckle, both with a gold effect. Its style is modern and it is sold in six colors.

The wide belt of this feminine trench coat can be easily adjusted using two of its holes.
The shawl design of this women’s trench coat gives it a chic touch.

Long fluid women’s trench coat, Uniqlo

For sale in an elegant navy blue or beige color, this trench coat model has a stylized and casual cut and a length below the knee. Your silhouette oversize With a fluid touch it provides a notable refined style. In addition, the lining has a checkered pattern and its exterior is shiny, because it includes a material such as twill. Sizes go up to XXL.

Uniqlo's autumn-style women's trench coat is sold in two soft colors and a large number of sizes.
This women’s trench coat is suitable for both executive and informal styles.


As a culmination, we wanted to open the range by choosing two models of women’s short trench coats: one available in amazon and another in H&M. It is an ideal garment for women of short stature as it does not provide extra volume in the waist and hip area or give the sensation that the legs are shortened excessively.

Short women’s trench coat with flap pockets, H&M

The V-neckline, raglan sleeves and two large side pockets with flaps included are what stand out the most in this trench coat with H&M design. Its belt to tie at the waist is wide and the garment is sold in two neutral yet elegant colors: light beige and black. Sizes range from XS to XL.

The women's outerwear in the image has a medium length that falls above the knee.
This trench coat, from H&M, features welt front pockets.

Short women’s trench coat, Orolay

Adjustable cuffs, open hem and buttons in the shoulder area. This is how the Orolay brand presents one of its short trench coats with the best average rating on Amazon. Sold in dark red, khaki and black tones, its high-density polyester fabric repels light rain well. Ideal to combine with dresses, sweaters or seasonal blazers, and available in sizes from XS to XL.

This feminine trench coat has highly polished tailoring and uses high-quality polyester.
Front and back view of the Orolay brand women’s trench coat.

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