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After the Ankara bombing, a qualitative operation by Turkish intelligence against terrorism

Special units of the Turkish intelligence were able to neutralize the well-known leader of the PKK terrorist organization, Muzdalif Taşkin, during a qualitative operation in the city of Qamishli in the Syrian province of Hasakah.

Turkish security services have obtained information indicating that Taşkin, nicknamed “Aslan Samora,” has moved from Iraq to Turkey. It is noteworthy that Taşkin, who joined the ranks of the organization in 1988, was behind planning the terrorist attack that took place in the Daglica region of Hakkari, southern Turkey, in 2007.

The sources confirmed that the specific operation targeting Tashkin was completed successfully on the road between Qamishli and Amuda in northern Syria. The involvement of the terrorist Muzdalif Taşkin in acts of violence that claimed the lives of 12 Turkish soldiers and injured 16 others during the 2007 attack was monitored. He was known for his terrorist activity within the ranks of the PKK in the Iraqi and Syrian regions.

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