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Amazon Prime Video: ‘Cangaço novo’ or violence in the Brazilian desert | Television

Elderly moviegoers will remember the dazzle, fake or real, that came with the arrival of these payments for the feature film Glauber Rocha God and the devil in the land of the sunfrom 1964, a strange story in the Brazilian northeast. Cangaço novothe series created by Eduardo Melo and Mariana Bardan, takes place in the same desolate landscape, that of the interior of Creará, even though the series does not have the pretensions of auteur cinema that characterized Rocha’s work.

It is an eight-episode series that Prime Video programs with no other desire than its justification, and redemption, by the number of viewers who see it. Cangaço novotranslated as New banditstells the story of Ubaldo, a discreet and silent bank employee from Sao Paulo who receives an inheritance in the small town of his forgotten childhood. There he will meet again with his two sisters, one of whom, Dinorah, leads a dangerous and cruel gang of bank robbers, and with an apparently universal and everyday environment: corrupt and greedy politicians who subjugate and humiliate an impoverished people.

It won’t take long for Ubaldo to assimilate the local reality and join the gang of robbers, also using his knowledge of the daily activities of banking. They act ruthlessly and with an easy trigger. The violence connects with a merciless landscape. These are bad times for poetry, as Low Blows pointed out to us, although there is always a place for love and desire, there would be more to it. In short: an entertaining series that takes place in a Brazil far removed from the lush Rio stereotype and in which there are many more devils than gods in that land of the sun.

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