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“Amber Alert” in Serbia since November 1, the TV program is interrupted every 30 minutes

From November 1, the “Amber Alert” system will be established, which will be called “Find Me” in Serbia, and the media, with the order of the police, will be obliged to stop broadcasting the program and publish formatted messages every 30 minutes during the first 8 hours. a poster with a photo of the missing child and his information.

“From November 1, when the ‘Amber Alert’ system is established, that is, ‘Find me’ as it will be called in our country, in the first 48 hours the media will receive information that the child is missing in a formatted poster that will have to be published in the first 8 hours every 30 minutes”, it was explained to Tanjug.

This means that the media will have the obligation to stop broadcasting their programs every 30 minutes in order to publish the aforementioned poster and information such as which child is missing, a photo of the child and basic information about the child, as well as information about how the child was dressed and where it disappeared.

“You will receive the same information via SMS, and all those who are at bus and train stations will be notified, i.e. all bus and train stations that have the technical capabilities for this will publish the same information. In the first phase, the airport will also be included.” “Nikola Tesla”, which instead of the flight schedule, will publish information about a missing minor,” it was said.

In the work of the police, when it comes to the search for a child, nothing will change, but the only novelty is that with the new “Find me” system, the wider community will be involved in the search.

“As far as the role of citizens is concerned, we will have a moral obligation to look around and think more about the missing child, or if we receive information about the missing child, forward that information to the police,” it was said. It is emphasized that it is important that citizens do not provide the police with false information and do not make their work more difficult in those difficult moments.

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