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An opinion poll reveals the superior party in the local elections

The results of the first poll for the local elections in Istanbul have begun to arrive, as the countdown to the elections that will be held in March begins.

Poll results for Istanbul indicate that the AKP ranks first with 49%.

Çinar Research conducted a survey research to gauge the political pulse in the city on the occasion of the upcoming local elections.

According to the answers provided in the questionnaire, the percentages of votes obtained by the parties in Istanbul are as follows:

  • Justice and Development Party: 49%
  • Republican People’s Party: 42%
  • Left-wing Future Party: 2.5%
  • Nationalist Party: 2.4%
  • Good Party: 2.5%
  • Other parties: 3.6%

The results of this early political poll reflect the attitudes and party preferences of voters in Istanbul.

Although the AKP shows an important rise, the CHP maintains a strong influence in the city.

Other polls will continue in the coming weeks to survey voters and anticipate the results of the upcoming elections, as these elections will be an opportunity for voters to participate in choosing their local representatives and determining the course of their city’s future.

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