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BBNaija All-stars Winner, Ilebaye Can Invest Her N120m in Real Estate, Stocks, Other Assets

After ten weeks of television entertainment, Ilebaye Odiniya has emerged as the winner of the popular reality television show Big Brother Naija, all-stars edition.

As the show’s winner, Ilebaye would go home with a grand prize of N120 million and additional gifts prizes.

N120 million may seem like a lot of money, but it could quickly be depleted in a few months or years if not prudently spent or wisely invested.

As the winner of the show, Ilebaye would go home with a grand prize of N120 million and additional gifts prizes.
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Over time, the naira has diminished its purchasing power due to inflation. The key lies in making strategic investments to counter the challenges posed by high inflation and the devaluation of the naira.

In this article, Legit.ng offers suggestions and expert advice from financial experts on how the winner can wisely invest and expert returns.

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Real estate

One interest area BBNaija winner can capitalize on is real estate, especially looking at major cities including Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja. The real estate sector in Nigeria has continued to thrive despite rising inflation.

According to Johnson Uduak, a real estate agent, real estate represents a highly lucrative and stable investment opportunity worth considering, as property values have the potential to appreciate over time.

He said:

Whether you opt for residential or commercial real estate, there are diverse avenues for investment to explore.

In many regions across the country, the value of properties are increasing and rental rates are already experiencing an upward trajectory, primarily driven by increased costs of raw materials.

This sector would be a good opportunity for someone possessing N120 million to invest a quarter of it. Ajah, Lekki, Ikorodu, and others are fast-developing areas to consider for purchasing properties.

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Stock market

The Nigerian stock market is experiencing a bullish trend, and the accessibility of Nigerian stocks has dramatically improved with the advancement of technology.

According to data from the NGX, the stock value of many Nigerian companies has increased by more than 100% since the start of 2023.

Uzoma Okabue, a Lagos-based stock broker, suggests that the winner can consider investing in some of Nigeria’s most profitable stocks on the stock exchange.

He told Legit.ng:

He can part with 10% of that money and invest it in some of the most profitable stocks on Nigeria’s stock exchange. MTN, Dangote Cement, Nestle and GTCo are good stocks to consider. Foreign stocks like Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook are also worth considering.

Okabue, however, advises that before investing, he or she should ensure due diligence and consult the service of a registered stockbroker.

Olumide Adesina, a financial market analyst at Quantum Economics, encourages investment in banking stocks and other dollar-denominated assets.

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He told Legit.ng:

The energy and banking sector index on the Nigerian stock market has far outperformed Nigeria’s inflation this year. In addition, investments in dollar-denominated assets particularly tech stocks, Bitcoin, and oil multinational firms have been a reliable hedge against the naira’s devaluation this year.,

Investment securities

Samuel Oyekanmi, macro-economic and research analyst at Deloitte, told Legit.ng that apart from using a fraction of the winning to maintain a celebrity lifestyle, the winner could also consider having a calculated diversified portfolio with a mix of variable and fixed investment assets.

He said:

These investments could include properties, stocks, government treasury bills and bonds, and mutual funds.

This will ensure constant revenue inflows from interest payments, dividends and stock appreciation, especially if the winner seeks expert advice in choosing the specific instruments and stocks.


Agriculture is one investment you can hardly go wrong with if you properly do your homework and feasibility study. That’s because Nigeria has a large population that it can scarcely feed itself.

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Frank Ujah, an agribusiness owner, told Legit.ng that a huge profit can be obtained from investing well in agriculture.

He said:

I would advise the winner to invest in agriculture if he or she desires to earn good returns. Opportunities abound in rice farming, snail farming, poultry, and the growing of cash crops. He or she can also explore opportunities in the exportation of crops like cashews, soybeans, sesame seeds, and corn.

If the person doesn’t want to be burdened by the business, there’s also an opportunity to become an investor in an existing agri-business.

He added that numerous well-capitalized companies are helping people deploy their funds into agribusiness with the promise of a fruitful and consistent return on investment.

Invest in self

Nowadays, you can invest all that huge sum of money in monetary and physical activities without using some to improve yourself.

Laycon, a season 5 winner of the show, used part of his winnings to further his education, acquiring a Master of Arts (MA) in International Relations from the University of Portsmouth, England.

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Joke Adejumo, an educationist, told Legit.ng that one of the most valuable investments one can make is in one’s self.

She said:

Even if the winner chooses to go fully into entertainment, investing in yourself and whatever craft you choose to pursue would be nice. You can pursue a Master’s degree, like Laycon or acquire professional skills for the future, like Cee-C and Alex, who went to film school in New York.

She added that not fully grasping the true significance of investing in oneself can hinder one’s progress toward achieving objectives and unlocking full potential.

15 profitable business ideas to make money from in 2023

In related news, Legit.ng embarked on an exploratory journey through fifteen remarkable business ideas, each brimming with workable potential and each eagerly awaiting the touch of an enterprising mind.

The possibilities are endless in a country teeming with potential, where innovation and determination intertwine.

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Unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit within Nigeria, a land of vibrant opportunities, can set the stage for remarkable success.

Legit.ng delve into this kaleidoscope of possibilities that great business ideas have to offer.

Source: Legit.ng

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