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“Murex d’Or” shines in its 23rd edition, including surprises and reconciliations

Under the title “Survival,” stars from Lebanon and the Arab world gathered to celebrate their achievements and the successes of their colleagues. The general scene of the ceremony was colored with the joy of meeting again under the skies of Lebanon, culture and art. As usual, elegance, fashion and the names of Lebanese designers occupied a large space this evening. The fashion designer’s mention of the clothes of each male and female artist was based on encouraging Lebanese talent and highlighting it.

On the LBCI screen, after an absence of 14 years, the ceremony was broadcast live, starting from the Ambassadors Hall in the Casino du Liban at 8:30 pm. Its activities were opened with the song “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees, with an artistic painting topped by the ceremony’s presenter, Hilda Khalife, who topped the social networking sites with her professionalism and elegance, signed by the Lebanese designer Nicolas Gebran, and her captivating and capable presence.

The first honors were crowned with the Al-Rahbna perfume, through the artist Hoda Haddad. She received an award for her artistic career as a singer from the era of authenticity. The award was dedicated to Assi and Mansour Rahbani School. She then performed one of her well-known songs, “From Day to Day.”

Hala Sedqi with Bossi Shalabi (Murex D’or)

After a similar honorary award received by veteran actor Jihad Al-Atrash for his artistic career, Egyptian actress Hala Sedqi took the stage and won the “Murex D’Or” award for the Best Actress in Egyptian Drama category. This is for her role as “Safsaf” in the series “Jaafar Al-Omda” last Ramadan.

Qais Sheikh Najeeb (Murex Door)

Meanwhile, Syrian actor Qais Sheikh Najeeb won his award in the category of Best Arab Actor in Joint Drama for his role in “Stellito.” The actor Rifaat Tarabay had his share of honorary awards for his entire fiftieth career in the theater, and he made way for those after him to pay tribute to artists who passed away in 2022 and left a void on the scene. Through a giant screen in the middle of the stage, he recalled some of them, including Marwan Najjar, Sami Khayyat, Abdullah Al-Homsi, Gerard Avedisyan, Ghassan Stephan, Chef Ramzi Choueiri, and all the way to the late Romeo Lahoud. His niece, Nahi Aline Lahoud, took the stage, who wrote a duet with actor Tony Issa, and performed with him songs engraved in the memory, written by Ramio Lahoud, which included “Take me with you,” “Douqi, Ya Rababa,” and “Long the Night.”

In the second part of the ceremony, other artists who passed away during the current year were honored, such as Elie Choueiri and Mohamed Gamal.

Throughout the ceremony, it was noted that a large number of artistic stars remained, even after they were honored and received awards. Among them are Hoda Haddad, Nassif Zaytoun, Mohamed Ramadan, and Nawal Al Zoghbi. The party continued until after midnight. The artist Ziad Bourji, who won the “Lebanese Singing Star” award, chose to be the closing ceremony, so he was the last to receive his award and the ceremony concluded with the song “Watayr.”

Nawal Al Zoghbi (Murex Door VX Account)

Artistic reconciliations prevailed in “Murex”

During the ceremony, a video reportage was shown about the reconciliation that took place between Ziad Bourji and “Murex d’Or”. The journalist Gamal Fayyad, being a member of the award committee, filmed him while visiting Bourji at his home. He was accompanied by his colleagues in the committee, and they wished for Bourji to participate in the ceremony after a misunderstanding that occurred. Between him and the award holders. It was reported that Burji refused to receive the award after it was transferred to him after it was rejected by Wael Kfoury.

Mohamed Ramadan (Murex Door)

As for the second reconciliation that the ceremony witnessed live on stage, it took place between Mohamed Ramadan and Nawal Al Zoghbi. Before handing over an honorary award to Marwan Khoury, Gamal Fayyad asked Al-Zoghbi and Ramadan to take the stage to break the ice between them. The reason was that Ramadan said that the Lebanese artist with whom he hoped to perform a duet had not yet been born, which provoked Al-Zoghbi. She, in turn, provoked Ramadan when she said about him in one of her interviews in Egypt that she did not know him.

Surprises color the party

“Murex D’or” brought many surprises in its 23rd edition, including the announcement by the head of the Syndicate of Music Professionals, Farid Bou Said, granting the brothers Zahi and Fadi Al-Helou, the organizers of the concert, honorary membership in the syndicate.

The second surprise was the appearance of Turkish actress Sheval Sam, the owner of the character “Ender” in the series “Forbidden Apples.” She received the Excellence Award as a Turkish Actress, and the audience interacted with her after she sang “Oh Moon, I am with you” by Fayrouz.

Myriam Fares (Murex d’Or)

The introduction of new award categories into the 2023 edition of “Murex” also presented surprises, including the Artistic Excellence Award for Abeer Nehme, and the award for a Lebanese artist who reached the international level, which was won by Myriam Fares.

Nicolas Mouawad with a design signed by Georges Hobeika (Murex d’Or)

As well as a similar award for actor Nicolas Moawad, a Lebanese actor who reached the international level. He starred in a foreign film entitled “His Only Son,” portraying the role of the Prophet Abraham. People outside the field of art were also honored, such as Iraqi businessman Kawa Junaid.

“For Death 3” and “Fire with Fire” win awards

The share of the two drama series “For Death 3” and “Fire with Fire” was the most important, as they won the largest number of awards.

Best Lebanese Actor George Khabbaz (Murex d’Or)

“Fire with Fire” won awards for Best Arab Actress in Joint Drama, which went to Karis Bashar. As well as the best Lebanese actor in the same category for George Khabbaz, and the best Lebanese series in joint drama, which was awarded to Sadiq Al-Sabah, the producer of the work. And so it happened

Sasha Dahdouh and Tariq Tamim each won two awards for best actor and actress in a supporting role in the same work.

Sasha Dahdouh Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Murex D’or)

As for “For Death 3,” it won the “Murex d’Or” award for best Lebanese dramatic director, and it was received by Philippe Asmar. Likewise, regarding the series itself, writer Nadine Jaber received her award as best screenwriter. While Ward Al Khal won the Best Lebanese Actress award for her role (Karma) in it.

Ward Al Khal (Murex d’Or)

Producer Jamal Sinan won the Murex Award for the best Lebanese popular series, “For Death 3.”

As for the best series badge, it was won by the series “Finally” for the song “The Heart Was Lost” by singer Nader Al-Atat, which he performed immediately after receiving the award on stage.

Singing awards for Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis, Jordanians and Egyptians

The “Murex d’Or” singing awards varied to include a group of artists from Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq.

Nassif Zeytoun (Murex d’Or)

Nawal Al Zoghbi won the Lebanese Singing Star Award for her work “Hafa”. While Syrian Nassif Zaytoun won the Arab Singing Star Award. The Iraqi Rahma Riad won the Arab Singing Star Award and performed the song “Hello Hal Al-Sha’ar.” As for the artist Marwan Khoury, he received an honorary award for his artistic career, over 20 years of success and continuity.

Ahmed Saad (Murex Door)

As for the Egyptians Ahmed Saad and Mohamed Ramadan, each of them won the Murex Award. The first was in the Best Arabic Song category (Sayreena Ya Dunya). He sang it on stage and the audience interacted with him, igniting the atmosphere with enthusiasm. Ramadan won an award in the Best Arab Actor category for “Jaafar Al-Omda.” On stage, he performed a medley of his well-known songs, and the audience was thrilled with him and filled with enthusiasm.

Jordanian Issam Al-Najjar won the award for best emerging Arab singer. Mohamed Ramadan participated in singing on stage in the duet “TMO”.

Nancy Ajram’s song clip, “Ala Shanak”, signed by director Laila Kanaan, won the best video clip award.

The ceremony was distinguished by lyrical paintings, colored by a dancer, to which the camera of the concert director, Tony Qahwaji, added sparkle. He and the presenter of the concert, Hilda Khalife, formed a harmonious duet, each in his position, which he returned to after an absence from the “LBCI” screen.

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