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Dear Annie: Elderly driver who brags about their skills may need a second opinion

Dear Annie: Your recently published letter about a 79-year-old man and his desire to continue driving was a bit off the mark. He said he was a more defensive driver and had slowed down on the road.

My guess is he is one of those drivers who travel 25 miles per hour in a 45-mph zone. I am 73 and aware of too many elderly drivers who are now afraid of their surroundings while at the wheel.

My mother-in-law drove until her mid-80s, and I believe she was dangerous on the road. Anything over 45 mph scared her to death, and her driving reflected this. Not until she had a few minor accidents did she stop driving. Luckily, she hurt no one else.         

This man might want to have an impartial third party evaluate his driving skills and accept the results. I imagine the reason for his letter was that someone was already concerned about how he drove, and he did not appreciate those comments. — A Third Party Review        

Dear Third Party: Thank you for your letter. A great number of you wrote in about the importance of having a third party evaluate elderly drivers.

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