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Details of Ukraine’s devastating attack on Russia’s three best brigades

Ukrainian forces regained the main cities of Klyshchevka and Andreyevka in the eastern region after they were able to eliminate three of the best combat brigades in the Russian army.

Ukrainian General Oleksandr Sersky announced this victory, which is a major achievement on the front that witnessed the heaviest battles of the war.

Klishevka and Andreevka, located on the heights near Bakhmut, have been captured, according to the Daily Express.

The Russian brigades eliminated included the 72nd Motorized Rifle Brigade, as well as the elite 31st Air Assault Brigade and the 83rd Air Assault Brigade. Ukrainian General Sersky described these two brigades as “defeated and completely disabled.”

The 72nd Motorized Rifle Brigade was previously reported to have suffered a major defeat, with three battalion commanders and a senior intelligence officer killed in the fighting, according to the Ukrainian 3rd Assault Brigade.

The Russian brigade consists of between 2,000 and 8,000 soldiers, and three brigades of the Russian army were eliminated, according to General Sersky.

The Ukrainian forces’ recovery of these two cities is considered an important step that contributes to regaining control over important areas on the Eastern Front.

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