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Does anyone remember that they won the World Cup? – The daily newspaper

For what has happened after they won the World Cup final over England on 20 August is unparalleled in football history.

They are going on Friday play his first match after the World Cup against Sweden in Gothenburg. The team is an attraction. But unfortunately it’s not just because of the WC title, but everything that has happened since. And it’s the world’s best soccer girls that has been lost.

Tuesday together the new national team manager Montserrat Tomé’s players in Madrid. At the time of writing, we do not know how many people have turned up. Because the majority of the squad that was taken out last week was taken out against their will. In addition, the squad was announced too late so that the clubs could formally refuse to release them.

Now the players are threatened who do not meet with confiscation of the licence. Because the Spanish regulations allow access to that.

Again: Does anyone remember that they won the World Cup? Which also meant that national team manager Jorge Vilda was fired?

Spain was in their first ever WC final, they went all the way to the top after 15 players had said no thanks to playing for the national team the year before. Then came the final victory, the distribution of medals and the famous kiss from football president Luis Rubiales to which Jennifer Hermoso was exposed. The episode and its aftermath have been in Spanish and international media every day since. The sporting achievement was forgotten.

39 of Spain’s best players on the women’s side recently signed a statement saying no to playing for the national team until the federation met certain demands. Among other things, the players have made demands that all people in the union who have been involved in the case surrounding the former football president must leave their positions. In addition, demands were made for structural changes in the focus on women’s football.

The Real Madrid duo Olga Carmona and Athenea del Castillo, who were both part of the Spanish team that won the World Cup this summer, and will face Vålerenga in the playoff for the Champions League, were two of those who showed up on Tuesday. However, Real Madrid goalkeeper MiSA Rodríguez answered a clear “no” when she was asked if she is satisfied with being selected for the squad. Is it possible to play football against one’s will?

This is the situation in the world’s best national team. It is about the gender struggle and cultural differences. Football in Spanish has been extremely male-dominated for far too long. In the big picture, there is a healthy rebellion that is now happening. It is of historical dimensions.

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