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“Främling” songwriter Lasse Holm has sold his song catalog – Dagsavisen

Holm is known as an artist and songwriter on a number of hits throughout a decades-long career.

He wrote “Främling”, the breakthrough song of the then 16-year-old Carola Häggkvist in 1983, and also produced her first two albums.

Now he joins the ranks of more and more artists who sell their song catalog to major companies and music publishers. Business newspaper Today’s Industry writes that Holm’s company has recorded NOK nine million for the sale, which the 79-year-old calls a “good deal”.

– I made the decision after seeing how things look in the digital and commercial world, where copyright is sometimes fragile, he says.

Among other Eurovision contributions from Holm we find “Day after day” (Kikki Danielsson and Elisabeth Andreassen), “Eloise” (Arvingarna) and “E” de’ det här du kallar kärlek”. The latter performed by himself and Monica Törnell.

Many of Holm’s songs were written as a duo with Ingela Forsman.

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