Galaxy AI Brings New Features to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, Galaxy Z Flip 6 and More

Galaxy AI Brings New Features to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, Galaxy Z Flip 6 and More

Galaxy AI was a major talking point during Samsung’s second Galaxy Unpacked event of the year in Paris. While the company launched multiple new devices including the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, Galaxy Z Flip 6, Galaxy Buds 3 series, Galaxy Watch 7, and Watch Ultra, as well as the highly anticipated Galaxy Ring, it also introduced new artificial intelligence (AI) features for most of the devices. Notably, Galaxy AI will process all the information from the company’s wearable devices and provide comprehensive insights via the Health app.

New Galaxy AI Features Unveiled

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 will arrive with several existing and new Galaxy AI features when they go on sale later this month. Among them is Sketch to Image, which is essentially a sketching assistant. It can generate images based on what the user draws or doodles on photos in the Gallery app or in Notes. The feature only works with the Galaxy S Pen. The Composer feature that can draft emails and messages using text prompts has also been added.

Galaxy AI Sketch to Image feature
Photo Credit: Samsung


Note Assist is also being added to both devices. With this Galaxy AI feature, users can record audio, transcribe, and summarise all within the app. The feature can distinguish between 10 different speakers in an audio recording. Another feature is Photo Assist which can reimagine portrait images in different styles via the Portrait Studio.

New Galaxy AI Features on Galaxy Z Flip 6

There are some exclusive features for the Galaxy Z Flip 6 as well. The clamshell smartphone gets a new ProVisual Engine for its cameras which is powered by AI. It can detect objects, analyse lighting conditions, and isolate facial features to enhance the images. The AI can optimise images and improve the quality of the objects even at a 10x zoom range.

flip 6 auto zoom Galaxy AI

Galaxy AI Auto Zoom feature
Photo Credit: Samsung


The FlexCam also receives an Auto Zoom feature that can zoom in and out to find the perfect frame for the object. One of the more sophisticated features is Instant Slow-mo. The ProVisual Engine takes a regular video and artificially generates frames based on movement to give it a slow-motion effect.

The cover display of the phone, also known as the FlexWindow, is getting a couple of new AI features. Galaxy AI has integrated Suggested replies on the cover display that enables users to write tailored responses to messages received. Users can also add an AI-powered Live effect on photos, which makes it look like a 3D parallax effect. An Adaptive feature lets the image mimic the real-time weather and time, so the user will see nighttime and rain if it is raining outside at night.

Live Translate is also being added to both foldables, and it is being expanded to 16 different languages by the end of the month and 20 languages by the end of the year. It will also support third-party messaging and calling apps. It will also work even if the receiver is not a Galaxy user.

Galaxy AI Features in Buds 3 Series

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 series is also getting a couple of useful Galaxy AI features. The Interpreter feature that translates live speech, is coming to the Buds 3. Users can now turn the earphones to Listening mode while connected to the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 and hear the speaker in the local language even if they are speaking in a foreign language.

Galaxy Buds 3 series will also support Voice Commands and users can play or stop music without touching the earbuds. The Adaptive EQ and ANC also utilise AI to analyse the sound coming from the earbuds and the environmental noise and change accordingly.

Gemini AI Features on Galaxy Devices

Apart from Galaxy AI features, Google has also incorporated several Gemini AI features into the new Galaxy Z foldable smartphones. The Gemini app has been optimised for usage on the large screen, making it a good fit for the Galaxy Z Fold 6. Since Gemini can understand the context of videos on YouTube, it will soon be able to respond to queries about particular videos. Notably, this is not an exclusive feature for Galaxy devices.

gemini ai side panel Gemini AI

Gemini AI side panel
Photo Credit: Samsung


Another interesting feature is a side-panel mode for Gemini AI, that leaves enough room for users to multitask and run other applications at the same time.

Finally, Circle to Search, which was developed by Google, is also getting an upgrade. Users can now long-press to get a translation for everything visible on the screen. Users can also highlight a word or a phrase to learn more about it.

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