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How does he not remember territorial integrity and sovereignty 20 years ago

NEW YORK – Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said today that US President Joseph Biden’s speech at the UN General Assembly was moderate regarding China, but that it was interesting how human rights and the rights of the LGBT population were placed behind territorial integrity and sovereignty.

“How come you don’t remember that 20 years ago,” Vucic told reporters in New York ahead of a meeting with EU High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security Josep Borella and leaders of the Western Balkans.

“As far as Biden is concerned, he took more care of China, we will analyze everything.” He was fierce about Russia,” said Vučić.

When asked by Tanjug about the speech he will deliver at the session of the UN General Assembly, Vučić said that he is still preparing it and working on it, in accordance with what has been happening for the last three days”.

He also added that tomorrow he will talk with high-ranking Chinese official Han Zheng, who is in New York, adding that it is an extremely important conversation, Tanjug reports.

“I expect the signing of the free trade agreement.” We have many contracts related to other projects. I would like to give their advice on everything that is happening in the world”, said Vučić.

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