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Izmir, Turkey, is facing the worst tourist season in 20 years

The Cesme district of Izmir is facing the worst tourist season in two decades, according to statements by the director of the hotel association in the region. The director confirmed that tourism conditions were better even during the period of the spread of the Corona virus.

These statements sparked widespread controversy among followers on social media platforms, as some consider the deterioration of tourism to be a dangerous indicator, given that it is one of the most important sources of income in Turkey. On the other hand, others say that this may be good for Turkey in terms of the small number of Arab and foreign tourists.

As discussions on this topic increased, the hashtag “Çeşme” spread on social media sites in Turkey, where it was widely circulated by users to express their opinions and views on the tourism crisis in Çeşme.

This comes at a time when Turkey is seeking to regain its position as one of the most prominent global tourism destinations, especially after the negative effects of the Corona pandemic on the sector.

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