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Kristin Kirkemo’s DNA found on pieces of tape from the Orderud assassination attempt – Dagsavisen

– The re-admission commission has carried out a comprehensive review of seizures in the case, and has had new DNA tests carried out on this material. The results are now in, and it turns out that Kristin Kirkemo’s DNA has been found on some pieces of tape that were used to attach a dynamite stick under Anne Orderud Paust’s car, state prosecutor Sturla Henriksbø says to VG.

The public prosecutor believes that the DNA discovery strengthens the prosecution’s theory that Kristin Kirkemo was involved in the assassination attempt on Anne Orderud Paust. Kirkemo was prosecuted for the circumstances and was first convicted for this in the district court – but acquitted in the court of appeal.

The assassination attempt took place just under a year before the triple murder at Orderud farm. Here, Kirkemo was finally sentenced to 16 years in prison for complicity.

The newspaper has been in contact with Kristin Kirkemo’s lawyer Vegard Kirkemo. He has no comment on the investigations.

He points out that Kirkemo is done with the case, and that she wants to put it all behind her.

Per and Veronica Orderud have requested the triple murder case to be reopened a number of times.

Since 2018, the Readmission Commission has carried out various investigations and taken several interviews in the work on the petition from Per and Veronica Orderud.

In this connection, the commission wanted to question Kristin Kirkemo, but was refused.

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