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Most of the international women’s team will stay in the camp and travel to Sweden | Soccer | Sports

The majority of female soccer players called on Monday by national coach Montse Tomé They have shown their “will” to stay in the world champion’s concentration. 21 of the 23 selected will travel to Gothenburg to face Sweden at the start of the Nations League, as confirmed in the early hours of this Wednesday by the president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), Víctor Francos, after meeting for hours with the equipment.

“21 players have shown their willingness to stay. I have to be honest, the players are in a difficult moment and I think it is good news to say that the women’s team will play the two games with guarantees and victories,” said Francos. The manager has stressed that two players “have requested the possibility of leaving the concentration for reasons of lack of spirit and personal discomfort” and that a formula has been sought that does not entail sanctions.

“The first thing we have conveyed is that anyone who is not comfortable for whatever reason knows that they are not going to face a sanctioning process either in the federation or in the CSD,” he stated. Furthermore, he explained that in her presence Montse Tomé’s position “has not been in the debate” and that the meeting took place in a “friendly tone” and where all parties were able to “speak with absolute freedom.”

The president of the CSD explained that the footballers and the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) have reached “a series of agreements drafted and signed by the RFEF and the CSD that will go together.” Thus, “a three-part Mixed Commission will be established to be able to monitor these agreements,” detailing that those that “affect” merely its organization have to do with issues of “gender policies, advancing equal pay.” or the quality of the infrastructure.”

Francos stressed that the players had shown “their concern about the need to make profound changes” and that the federation “has committed to making them immediately”, although he did not want to clarify any specific ones and has called on the federation to be the one who communicates them.

Day of uncertainty

The vast majority of the national team’s players Spanish did not want to be concentrated. Neither in Madrid, where some started, nor in Oliva, where they all met last night in a last-minute change of plans that distanced them from the media focus of Las Rozas, but also from those federation leaders —for example, Andreu Camps, general secretary. , the head most desired by the World Cup players—with whom they do not want to deal again since the Rubiales case broke out, since The former president kissed forward Jenni Hermoso without consent and no one within the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) gave the player the minimum amount of protection.

The 23 players called up, 19 of whom had signed a statement demanding structural changes in the federation before putting on the red again, they did not have the spirit. But they responded. All, except Esther González, Gotham player (USA), who was out due to injury. The first to arrive were those who came from Madrid, the last were those who landed from Barcelona, ​​and late, at the Manises airport, including two of the most belligerent with the federation: Patri Guijarro and Mapi León, who did not bite the bullet. language by assuming that she was “forced” to travel.

This new refusal of the players to be called up is explained by the open crisis since former president Luis Rubiales planted a kiss on Jenni Hermoso’s mouth in the middle of the World Cup celebrations. But it also has a lot to do with the immobility and inability of the federation to accept that the footballers and society demand to shake the foundations of a federation governed in a caciquil manner by the territorial leaders, determined to perpetuate their status quo rather than responding to the demands of athletes. Since the Rubiales case, hardly the former president himself, who resigned three weeks later, and the former coach, Jorge Vilda, have left the RFEF, but none of the federation officials whom the footballers point out for their behavior have fallen, those whom They accuse Hermoso of coercion, pressure and sexist ways.

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