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Netflix’s Daredevil Showrunner Slams MCU’s Reboot as a Disney Scam


  • The controversy surrounding the Daredevil reboot highlights the issue of crew remunerations and benefits, with workers only receiving full vacation pay after a show hits its third season.
  • Steven DeKnight, the original Daredevil series helmsman, criticizes the reboot as a “Disney scam,” calling for collective action from guilds and unions to address the issue.
  • The dispute is further complicated by Marvel Studios claiming the reboot is separate from its Netflix predecessor, despite returning cast members and the third season’s director acknowledging it as a direct continuation.

The Daredevil: Born Again revival has instigated a serious dialogue concerning the industry’s narrative protocols and the individuals who construct them. At the core of the controversy lies Steven DeKnight, the skilled helmsman of the original Daredevil series on Netflix, candidly demonstrating his displeasure with the reboot’s execution, even going as far as tagging it as a ‘Disney scam’.

In the center of this uproar is a contentions discussion surrounding the classification of the reboot as a first season, a decision which has serious implications on crew remunerations and benefits. A seasoned crew member shed light on a seldom discussed industry nuance where workers are entitled to full vacation pay only once a series hits its third season. This practice purportedly motivates networks to frequently pull the plug on shows prematurely, a situation DeKnight sees mirrored in the cessation of the Netflix Marvel series before reaching a fourth season.

DeKnight unequivocally articulated his stance in response to the crew member’s insights (via X), castigating the rebranding strategy as an old Disney subterfuge aimed at resetting contract terms to the detriment of the hardworking crew. He called for collective action from guilds and unions to squarely address and eliminate this problem. The rebuke seems steeped in a deep sense of protective stewardship over a narrative he helped craft and nurture to widespread acclaim.

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Daredevil Rebooted: Casting Shadows and Reviving Legends in Hell’s Kitchen

Netflix/Marvel Studios

The dispute gains another layer of complexity as character veterans Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio reprise their roles as Matt Murdock/Daredevil and Wilson Fisk/Kingpin respectively, in the MCU reboot. Despite their return lending a semblance of continuity, Marvel Studios is adamant that “Born Again” is an entity separate from its Netflix predecessor. However, Erik Oleson, who helmed the third season of the original series, publicly acknowledges the new installment as a direct continuation, cheekily referring to it as the ‘unofficial season 4’. Despite the classification wrangles, Oleson conveys heartfelt wishes for the returning cast members, expressing his excitement as a fan, eager to witness the resurgence of the beloved narrative.

Sadly, the tumultuous journey of Daredevil: Born Again encounters further hurdles as production hits a pause due to industry strikes. The impasse reveals deeper fissures, as DeKnight divulges that he has yet to receive residuals for penned episodes, a predicament exacerbated by the transition from Netflix to Disney+. Undeterred, DeKnight has rallied with fellow writers to initiate an audit to secure their rightful dues from Disney.

This brewing storm casts a long shadow on the legacy and future of a series that once captivated audiences with its gritty storytelling and intricate character development. As viewers can revisit the initial three seasons on Disney+, one can only hope that the conglomerate beholds the sanctity of narratives and the invaluable contribution of its craftsmen, steering Daredevil: Born Again back to a path that honors the integrity of its origins and the industry’s unsung heroes. With fervent hopes pinned on a resolution, fans and industry veterans alike await with bated breath, the return of the devil of Hell’s Kitchen. One hopes the endeavor rises, like a phoenix, echoing the resilience and valor synonymous with its titular hero.

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