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Pennsylvania grocery costs are among the highest in U.S.: report

August numbers showed how consumer prices increased by over three percent when compared to 2022.

Some states are feeling upped prices on necessities more than others, though. Pennsylvania, for example, was recently found to be home to some of the highest grocery prices in the nation.

Now Patient — which describes itself as “the US and UK’s first regulated digital health service that uses predictive analysis and artificial intelligence to offer proactive healthcare services” — sought out to find the costliest states in the country.

Researchers managed to do this — and managed to publish a study on their findings by default — after calculating and combining the average prices for things like food, cost of living, and health care to see how each state shaped up.

Not only did Pennsylvania ranked 10th overall as far as the most expensive states are concerned, but the Keystone State also ranked 10th when it came to having the priciest groceries. The average cost, found Now Patient, was $401.02 per person per month.

Hawaii topped the list in this regard, with grocers coming out to an average $556.76. The most expensive state overall, however, was New York.

“New York sees millions of visitors yearly, but living here will cost you a pretty penny — evidenced by its overall [Now Patient costliest] score of 9.05/10,” reads the study.

“Some factors contributing to this US state’s top-place ranking on our list are the $31 average monthly gym membership and the $10,355 average funeral cost.”

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