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Pennsylvania’s one of the ‘best states for teachers,’ report finds

With the teacher shortage still raging on, one may wonder: Are there good places to be a teacher?

A recent study has answered that in full, actually placing Pennsylvania among the top 15 best states for educators in the United States.

WalletHub — a platform that touts itself as “an award-winning personal finance company that empowers consumers to lead financially healthy lives” — was behind this study, which graded each of the 50 plus Washington D.C. across two main dimensions: “Opportunity & Competition” and “Academic & Work Environment.”

Relevant metrics such as “Average Starting Salary for Teachers;” 10-year Change in Teacher Salaries;” and “Quality of School System” were then kneaded in for final grades with states ranked accordingly.

Pennsylvania came in as the 13th best state for teachers in the country, placing it on the “best” end of the spectrum.

Alas, the Keystone State is still wanting in its teacher marks when compared to the top three: Utah (third overall), New York (second), and Virginia (first).

Then again, it is far better than the state in dead last: New Hampshire.

“I think some of the biggest issues facing teachers today center around the idea they must do more with fewer resources,” says Ramon Goings, associate professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. “For example, it has been discussed heavily in recent years how teachers remain underpaid despite the most important role they have in developing our next cadre of leaders, doctors, lawyers, and scientists.

“Along with this, teachers are still supporting students dealing with crises including the impact of COVID-19 which has dramatically shaped how schools run.”

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