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Revealing the final toll of victims of the fire at the Ismailia Security Directorate in Egypt

Civil defense teams in Egypt succeeded in controlling the fire in the Ismailia Security Directorate building, after the accident resulted in a number of injuries and the collapse of the main facade of the building.

According to Egyptian medical sources, the number of injured people rose to 100 people who were transferred to nearby hospitals to receive treatment.

On the other hand, the Civil Protection Forces in Ismailia Governorate were able to control the fire in the Ismailia Security Directorate building, and began the process of cooling the building to prevent the spread of the fire and maintain the safety of employees and those present in the area.

Egyptian media indicated that the Armed Forces provided the necessary support to the civil defense teams by sending two aircraft to help extinguish the fire and combat the spread of the fire, with the aim of reducing human and material losses resulting from this unprecedented incident.

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