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Russia produces twice as many armored vehicles as last year

MOSCOW – Russian companies produce twice as many armored vehicles as last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin said today at a meeting of the Russian Defense Industry Commission.

“The production of the main types of armored vehicles has more than doubled compared to the previous year, and the production of the most necessary means of destruction has tripled,” he said, TASS reported.

Putin congratulated the workers of the defense-industrial complex on the Day of Armourers, and pointed to the high level of equipment of the Russian army and navy.

“We are holding a regular meeting of the Military-Industrial Commission. We decided to hold it here, in Izhevsk, in one of the leading centers of the national defense industry,” the Russian president told the workers, opening the commission’s session and reminding that Russia celebrates Armsmen’s Day on September 19.

He congratulated all veterans and employees in the defense industry on the holiday and thanked them for their responsible and conscientious approach to work, reports Tanjug.

“We are undoubtedly proud of the achievements of constructors, engineers and workers who make an invaluable contribution to ensuring the defense capability and security of Russia, the technical equipment of the army and navy at the highest level,” said the President of Russia.

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