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Russia uses food and energy as weapons in the war – Dagsavisen

Russia helps countries with energy and food in exchange for recognition of the annexation of Ukrainian territories, Zelenskyy claimed. He warns nations to put their trust in Russia.

– You cannot trust evil – just ask Prigozhin, Zelenskyj said, referring to the Wagner leader who died suspiciously in a plane crash in August.

He addressed the UN assembly in English wearing his distinctive military green outfit. Russia’s delegates sat and took notes during the post.

– The aggressor uses many other things as weapons, and they are not only used against our country, but also against you, he said.

– Among other things, children are also used as weapons in war, by Russia abducting Ukrainian children and indoctrinating them. Those children are taught in Russia to hate Ukraine, and all ties to their families are broken. This is obviously a genocide, Zelenskyy said.

He ended his speech by inviting the world leaders to a peace conference.

– We are planning a global peace conference. I invite all of you – all who do not tolerate aggressive attacks – to prepare for the conference, he said.

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