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Ruter has lost over 35 million on ticket checks – Dagsavisen

The company has thus lost NOK 36.9 million from January to August. In the whole of 2022, the total was minus 25.5 million. The company then collected NOK 98.3 million via fees.

Until August last year, Ruter had received NOK 71.8 million from fees. They have thus collected over ten million less this year than in the same period last year.

Ruter has estimated that approximately one in ten does not buy a ticket, and that they lose around NOK 200 to 250 million a year due to people sneaking onto public transport.

Before 1 October, you could either pay NOK 950 on the spot or NOK 1,150 afterwards if you were taken into custody. As of 1 October, the fees have increased to NOK 1,200 and NOK 1,470 respectively. It is the first time since 2015 that the inspection fees have risen.

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