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Sandnes is ready for adventure and trolls – Dagsavisen

– It is a large production, yes, says project manager in Sandnes municipality, Ann-Karin Både, to RA.

Fairytale week has become a well-established tradition in Sandnes, where the public, kindergartens and schools are invited into the world of fairy tales, presented through various artistic and cultural expressions.

– Adventure week is a whole week where we focus on adventure and the adventure treasure. Sandnes municipality wants to be an attractive city with good meeting places for children and families – which Eventyruka is, because we reach so many children with culture, says Både.

Eventyruka is a collaborative project between Sandnes municipality at the Culture Department and Sandnes cultural school, Vågen high school, Sandnes library, primary school and kindergartens in Sandnes.

Large production

Both point to several great events that special week:

– We have Fairy Tale Time in the library for kindergartens, we have Fairy Tale Tour in the school through the cultural school bag (DKS), Troll exhibition in the library and Fairy Trail in Sandvedparken. We try to reach as many people as possible, and we want to ensure that everyone, regardless of age, place of residence, outlook on life and finances, gets a good cultural offer, explains the project manager.

Although it is difficult to say for sure, Both believe they will reach around 15,000-20,000 adults and children during the events.

With so many visitors, it is natural that there are many behind the scenes to make everything go round.

– We have a very good interdisciplinary collaboration. It creates good synergies across the municipal units, and we have good cooperation with schools and local businesses. There are many people who are on the team to create Eventyruka, says Både, who guesses that there are around 800 to 1000 people involved in the implementation.

10,000 free tickets were snatched away in advance.

The Adventure Trail

Cathrine Stølsvik from Sandnes cultural school is the producer of Eventyrstien, which will be a little different this year.

– It will be as beautiful as ever, but due to some work we will change the path, so that it starts at Skeiane station. In addition, we have received a lot of feedback that many people want a one-way track, so this year we are introducing that everyone should go in the same direction, says Stølsvik to RA.

She points out that the main entrance will be at Skeiane station, but that it is also possible to enter the path by the Park cafe, the playground or by the motorway bridge.

– There will be some nice hours in the park with elements of cultural school students, Vågen VGS, and some professional actors. Not least, there will be elements from Teater EgenArt – which is our offer to people with disabilities.

There is no registration this year.

– It has been assessed on the basis of different levels, but it was painful to say no to people in the park last year because there was an extremely large turnout. This year, we extend the Eventyrstien all the way to Skeiane station, which means that we get a longer stretch where people can spread out over a larger area. We have guards in place who will make sure there is good flow in the public, which prevents the path from stopping, Stølsvik explains.

She reminds that the Adventure Trail is organized on Friday 29 September, and that you can enter the trail at any time between 18.00 and 20.30

– We like to recommend that families with small children come early, and that the older children come a little later when darkness falls.

Last year there were 10,000 visitors to the Adventure Trail, and then there was registration. This year, the organizers believe that up to 15-20,000 guests could soon come.

The organizers recommend baby carriers and not pushchairs on the trip. In addition, they encourage walking, cycling or taking the train to Skeiane station.

There are both magical and scary creatures to be found along the path under the Adventure Trail in Sandnes.

Troll competition

Lene Jakobsen is program manager at Sandnes library, and is looking forward to Eventyruka.

– At the library, there will be a Storytelling session for kindergartens and a Troll exhibition, she explains.

– It will be very nice to receive art contributions in the form of trolls that kindergarten children in Sandnes have made. We will choose the best troll, and the winner will receive a book pack for their kindergarten.

Jakobsen himself sits on the troll jury, and promises that this is not a beauty contest.

– I’m really looking forward to seeing all the handsome trolls. We will look for creativity, and all the trolls must have a name that the children have come up with. I think a lot of exciting things can soon come, she says.

The troll exhibition is open to everyone and runs for one week. The winner will be chosen at the end of the week.

Lene Jakobsen, Ann-Karin Både and Cathrine Stølsvik

Facts about Adventure week

  • Sandnes municipality invites the public, kindergartens and schools into the world of fairy tales, presented through various art – and cultural expressions.
  • The adventure week is organized from 23 to 29 September, and is a free offer.

Adventure Trail:

On Friday 29 September, between 18.00 and 20.30, you can take the children on an adventurous trip in Sandvedparken. Pupils from the cultural school and Vågen upper secondary school, as well as professional performers, present elements of dance, drama, music, art installations and more. The adventure trail is free to attend and open to everyone.

Troll exhibition:

23–30 September you can see trolls made by kindergarten children in Sandnes. The exhibition can be found at Sandnes library during Eventyruka, it is free and open to everyone. The Troll jury will choose a winner who will receive a book package for their kindergarten.

Adventure time for kindergartens:

25–29 September, Sandnes library welcomes kindergartens in Sandnes to an adventurous morning with reading aloud at the library.

DKS Adventure Tour:

25–29 In September, all schools in Sandnes municipality will be offered a storytelling session for students in the 2nd stage through the cultural school bag. Narrators this year are Nina Næsheim, Maritha Nielsen and Marianne Stenerud.

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