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Star Sports Festival held at “Olympus”

In the organization of SC “Olimp-Zvezdara”, the municipality of Zvezdara and the Sports Association of Zvezdara, the “Zvezdar Sports Festival” was held in SC “Olimp-Zvezdara”, with the participation of a large number of sports associations and clubs.

The “Star Sports Festival” was opened by the mayor of the municipality, Vladan Jeremić. He thanked the Secretariat for Sports and Youth and the Sports Association of Belgrade for their participation and help in realizing this event and said that it gives him great pleasure that the Zvezdar Sports Festival gathered all Zvezdar sports clubs and associations in one place and that visitors have the opportunity to get to know each other with their way of working and exercising, because playing sports is very important, especially for children and young people.

– The municipality of Zvezdara pays great attention to cooperation with sports clubs and societies in its territory, because playing sports is extremely important for children and young people in order for them to grow up healthy. I am glad that so many young people are present here, both representatives of sports clubs and visitors, and I hope that some future champions who started practicing at Zvezdara are also present here today – said Jeremić, Beoinfo reported.

More than thirty clubs from Zvezdara participated in the Zvezdara sports festival, promoting the sport they play and their clubs, and many visitors who visited this event had the opportunity to visit several stages and 6 training grounds where clubs and sports associations presented themselves. , and they could also try out the sports that were presented (football, basketball, volleyball, chess, boxing and others) or get information about free and other programs offered by clubs and sports associations.

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