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The best 3 Turkish states for medical tourism: discover the ideal destination

Recently, Turkey has witnessed a noticeable increase in medical tourism and recreation in hospitals and health resorts, as this type of tourism is considered one of the most important sources that attract visitors from all over the world. In this context, we have monitored for you the 3 best Turkish states for medical tourism.

Turkey appears clearly in the field of medical tourism thanks to the development of medical equipment and the quality of human resources, in addition to reasonable costs compared to other countries.

The best 3 Turkish states for medical tourism

  1. Antalya Province:
    The state of Antalya is considered one of the three best states in Turkey for medical tourism. Antalya is described as a paradise for hospitalization and medical tourism because of its unique beauty, charming nature, and luxurious facilities. Hospitals in Antalya are characterized by advanced infrastructure and global medical expertise. One of the most prominent hospitals in Antalya for medical tourism is Medical Park Antalya Hospital. Memorial Antalya Hospital and Anatolia Hospital.
  2. Yalova Province:
    The village of Termal in Yalova is famous for its hot sulfur springs that attract visitors to seek treatment for chronic diseases such as rheumatism and psoriasis. Yalova is considered a famous destination for medical tourism and includes many hospitals specialized in fields such as hair transplantation, nose and facial surgery, and laser. One of the most prominent hospitals in Yalova for medical tourism is the Hospital Atakent and Aktif Hospital.
  3. Istanbul City:
    Istanbul is a distinctive and preferred destination for medical tourism in Turkey, as it has many specialized medical centers, including various specialties such as IVF, hair transplantation, cosmetic dentistry, eye surgeries, and cosmetic operations. One of the most prominent hospitals in Istanbul for medical tourism is Medical Park Istanbul Hospital. Basaksehir Hospital and Medipol Mega University Hospital.

Turkey is generally considered an excellent destination for tourist treatment, and these three states represent the best options for those seeking treatment and hospitalization.

These hospitals provide high-quality medical services and have a global reputation. Therefore, if you are planning to travel to Turkey in order to obtain the appropriate treatment for you, these states should be among your concerns.

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