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The Iranian president accuses Washington of “pouring fuel on the fire” in Ukraine

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu crossed the United States until he arrived in San Francisco to meet billionaire Elon Musk, in his office in the Teslar car factories, his men’s expectations were that he would bring a treasure that would help him confront his opponents who frighten him with their huge demonstrations.

This visit angered American Jewish leaders, not only the left or liberal wing, but also the right, who take a very negative position towards Musk. They accuse him of anti-Semitism, because he freely released publications attacking Israel and Jews. American policy experts in Tel Aviv spoke of anger in the administration of President Joe Biden, who cannot stand Musk and considers him a friend of his arch-rival, Donald Trump.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan presents a ball to Tesla CEO Elon Musk during his meeting with him in New York (Reuters)

Erdogan and Musk meeting

Even those around Netanyahu’s friends were surprised why he decided to begin his visit to the United States by meeting Musk in his office, as if he were the President of the United States, saying: “The Turkish president also wanted to meet Musk, but he did not travel to him. Rather, it was Musk who traveled from the West Coast.” To the eastern shore of the United States, and received him at his hotel in New York. At the conclusion of the meeting, Musk announced that the next factory he will establish for his car company will be in Turkey.

Therefore, there must be a major achievement awaiting Netanyahu that is worth the sacrifice, and it will be more important than the anger of American Jews and Biden’s annoyance. They waited for the results of the meeting, especially the public aspect of it, in which Netanyahu and Musk appeared in a friendly press conference broadcast live on the network. First, they talked about the risks associated with artificial intelligence and agreed that benefits could be derived from it and there was no need to be alarmed by it, despite the risks it entailed. It appeared as if Netanyahu was an expert in the field, no less than Musk, and he praised him excessively to the point of accusing him of hypocrisy. He told him that he saw in him the Edison (inventor of electricity) of the modern era.

Protests against Netanyahu during his visit to California and his meeting with Elon Musk on September 18 (EPA)

Courting Musk

Because Netanyahu knows that in two days he will meet with the leaders of American Jews and must give them an answer to their questions regarding this courtship of Musk, he decided to open the topic of Semitism, and “I wish he had not opened it!” says one of the leaders of a Jewish organization. He phrased the words as a compliment to Musk, saying: “I know that you are not anti-Semitic and that you are sympathetic to the Jewish cause, and I hope you continue to do so, and I hope that you can find the ability to put an end to anti-Semitism through (X) or reduce it as much as possible.”

Elon Musk responded that he could not prevent all messages of hate and malice from being spread through the “X” platform, which now includes “550 million monthly users,” stressing that he was “against all attacks on any group of people, whatever this group may be.”

So that Musk would not owe anything to Netanyahu, he chose to remind his guest of his plan to overthrow the government and judicial system, especially since the demonstrations protesting the plan also reached the meeting place, and together they heard the chants of the demonstrators saying: “Shame… shame.”

During the meeting, a commercial plane appeared in the sky carrying a picture showing Netanyahu dressed as a prisoner, as evidence that the goal of his coup plan was to escape being sentenced to prison due to corruption cases. He began to evade his responsibility for the plan by saying, “The plan, as brought by the Minister of Justice in my government, Yariv Levin, was very bad, but I rejected it and froze it, and when I return to the country, I will amend it as necessary to preserve democracy.” Musk said to him, during the live broadcast: “You should know that I faced opposition in my company to receiving you, because of this plan. This is the first time I have faced such opposition to a decision I have taken.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu begins a visit to the United States amid protests against his policies in Israel (AP)

Investing in Israel

The question was looming: What did Netanyahu want from this meeting? The answer came when Netanyahu told him: “You are paving a path that will change the face of humanity, as well as the face of the State of Israel.” He told Musk: “I think we find ourselves today at a turning point for all of humanity, and we have to choose between blessing or curse.” Netanyahu expressed his desire to persuade his host to invest in Israel. He came here for a primary purpose: to compensate for the losses incurred by the Israeli economy due to Netanyahu’s coup plan.

Foreign investments in “hi-tech” (the advanced technology industry) fell by 60 percent, and the Israeli currency fell by 13 percent. Because capital cannot operate under uncertainty. The Netanyahu government’s plan has filled Israel with uncertainty.

But Musk, who did not invest a single penny in Israel, and who promised Erdogan just one day ago to build a Teslar car factory in Turkey, did not issue any statement promising Netanyahu to change his policy and invest in Israel in the coming years.

Netanyahu moved to New York to hold other meetings with world leaders, on the basis that he is “an artist in the skill of rhetoric and international relations” and in the hope that he would achieve gains there that would slightly mitigate the impact of his failures in domestic politics, and reduce the damage of his meeting with Musk. But his party’s reactions to what happened on the first day of the visit indicated hysterical anger. His companions began attacking the protest leaders, holding them responsible for any failure and accusing them of national treason.

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