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The Princess of Asturias receives the Army officer’s saber | Spain

Eleanor of Bourbon
Leonor de Borbón receives her officer’s saber from a classmate from the second year of the military academy, in an image distributed by the Royal Family.Real home

The Princess of Asturias, who joined the Zaragoza military academy on August 17, This Tuesday she took a new step in her military career: the lady cadet Borbón Ortiz received the saber that symbolizes her status as a future officer. Along with the 560 members of the first year of the General Military Academy (AGM), the heir to the Crown participated in the ceremony of handing over the sabers by her classmates from the second year. From this moment, according to the Ministry of Defense, “the obligation is acquired to embrace the ideals of patriotism, honor, courage, loyalty and service, the basis of her moral formation, included in the cadet’s decalogue.”

At the ceremony, of which the King’s House has offered photographs since it was closed to the public, Eleanor of Bourbon He wore the grancé-colored beret that he received on the 13th. After a speech by the director of the academy, General Manuel Rodríguez López, the numbers one of the two promotions (the 83rd, of which the Princess is now a part; and the 82, which will join in October) said a few words, before the new cadets received their Toledo steel sabers that symbolize their command capacity as future officers. After receiving the weapon, the person who delivers it and the person who receives it merge in a hug.

The central act of the princess’s military training It will take place on October 7, when the flag oath will be celebrated in the academy’s parade ground, this time with the presence of the public. One day before, the new cadets will be presented to the Virgin of the Pilar in the Basilica of Zaragoza. After swearing the flag, Leonor de Borbón will join the second course of the military teaching center, following a training program designed especially for her.

The Princess of Asturias has already completed the basic combatant training module, which has included ten-day exercises at the neighboring San Gregorio Maneuver Field (Zaragoza). Previously, the cadets had undergone a period of adaptation to military life.

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