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The young woman found dead in Torremolinos identified: 21-year-old Norwegian resident in Spain | Spain

Young Norwegian woman killed in Torremolinos identified
Some journalists at the place where the body of a young woman, now identified, was found in the early hours of September 13 in the Benyamina neighborhood in Torremolinos (Málaga).Jorge Zapata (EFE)

The National Police has identified the body with signs of asphyxiation of a woman found during the early hours of September 14 in Torremolinos (Malaga, 68,952 inhabitants). From the fingerprints, the agents have managed to find out that it is a 21-year-old young woman of Norwegian nationality who has been residing permanently in Spain for just over a year, according to police sources. The investigation, in the hands of the Specialized and Violent Crime Unit (Udev) of the National Police, remains open and no hypothesis regarding the cause of death has been ruled out pending the final autopsy report. There are no arrests in the case.

The lifeless body was found by a group of young people who were returning home, around one in the morning from Wednesday to Thursday of last week, in the area of ​​the Benyamina Norte urbanization, near the Playamar area and the center of Torremolinos. They then notified the 112 Emergency Service, which notified both the Local Police and National Police as well as the health services, which could only confirm the woman’s death. The body had signs of asphyxiation and before a possible violent cause of the death of the young woman It was the Udev team that launched an investigation to try to clarify what happened.

Next to the body was an empty bag. The lack of documentation prevented immediate identification, so that was the first step toward which the police brigade directed its efforts, which also investigated on the spot to find out if any of the neighbors knew the name of the girl and knew anything about her. his stay in Spain. After being transferred to the Clinical Hospital of Malaga, her body was taken to the Institute of legal medicine (IML) of Malaga. At the center, his fingerprints were taken, which finally matched those provided by the Norwegian authorities. “The death of the woman has been communicated to her relatives in her country of origin, with whom we are in continuous communication for the repatriation of the body,” sources from the National Police have stressed.

The police investigation remains open and no person has been arrested. It is not ruled out yet “no hypothesis about the death of the young woman”, according to the same sources, although there are two lines that are pointed out as the most possible. The Government’s own delegate in Andalusia, Pedro Fernández, assured two days after the discovery of the body that an investigation was underway to determine whether the death occurred “due to natural causes” or was as a consequence of the “possible ingestion of a narcotic substance.” Investigators continue to wait for the final result of the autopsy, which will include a toxicological report, information that will help clarify not only what happened to her, but also whether the woman died in the place where her body was found or if someone took her to the hospital. place.

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