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There is no chance for Pristina’s admission to the UN

Serbia’s position is stable and all the countries whose representatives I spoke with in these two days understand the situation in which Serbia found itself due to the violation of its territorial integrity and sovereignty, said the head of Serbian diplomacy Ivica Dacic in New York, stressing that there is no chance of Pristina’s admission to the UN.

– I think that from these few conversations that I had in these two days, I think that our position is stable, that all those countries understand the situation in which Serbia found itself by violating our territorial integrity and sovereignty and that for now, regardless of the fact that there are individual incidents in the sense that the representatives of Pristina are abusing the fact that they can enter here as guests, i.e. the representatives of the observation mission with KIM, they are not part of the official General Assembly, there are no indications or announcements that there will be a change in that attitude when it comes to the required majority for UN membership, Dacic told Tanjug in New York, where he is participating in the UN General Assembly.

According to him, every year this week is the most important week in the world, all member states send their highest representatives, 193 of them, to participate in discussions at the plenary session, but also in a series of other bilateral meetings.

– In this sense, the delegation led by President Aleksanda Vučić attended the opening of the debate, the president will speak on Thursday, we will present precisely everything we think about issues concerning our territorial integrity and sovereignty, said Dacić.
He said that Serbia takes very careful notes when someone speaks on that topic, but, as he added, those who speak on that topic about the need to preserve territorial integrity obviously have double standards when they think about which countries it refers to.

– We believe that it must refer to Serbia. Of course, our foreign policy position depends a lot on our conversations and contacts. The president will have a whole series of meetings with his colleagues, I will also have a whole series of meetings with my colleagues, with the ministers of foreign affairs. I paid the most attention to the countries with which I want to check what their attitudes are regarding Kosovo and Metohija, whether there have been any changes when it comes to Kosovo, emphasized Dacic.
He said that it is very important to hear the Serbian position on current political issues around the world, but that Serbia’s main goal is to be fair with everyone in terms of a balanced approach and present its interests.

– There will be other multilateral gatherings, a reception with the President of the USA to which President Vučić will attend with his wife, and there will be a number of other bilateral meetings. I am sure that our delegation will have a large number of bilateral meetings with foreign delegations and that the position of our country will be strengthened after the General Assembly, said Dacic.

He stated that “even now it is clear to them what is happening in Kosovo, but the big question is whether they are ready and how ready they are to expose Pristina to criticism”.

– In that sense, for sure, our position will be better because we are sure that we have a solid majority in the UN so that Kosovo is not admitted to the UN. That is extremely important for us, and everything else is a matter of further discussions and attempts to ensure that the international community, at least the part that recognized Kosovo, is not deaf and dumb when it comes to the problems caused by Kurti, concluded Dacic.

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