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Thieves break into a store and assault an employee inside a gas station… Details

Social media pioneers circulated a video clip documenting the moment a store employee inside a gas station in Washington state was attacked and assaulted by thieves during a robbery with the aim of robbing the store.

In detail, Leah Johnston was attacked by 6 teenage people while working at the Friendly Normandy Market in Normandy Park.

The 20-second video monitored by the surveillance camera showed the thieves laughing after they raided the shelves, and one of them assaulted the employee with kicks and punches until she fell to the ground, while the rest carried out the robbery.

The suspects were able to take tobacco products, candy and less than $100 in cash.

The incident sparked anger and condemnation from followers, who expressed their dissatisfaction with the violence to which the innocent employee was exposed while performing her job.

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