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– This must lead to a reopening for Per and Veronica Orderud – Dagsavisen

– This must lead to reopening for Per and Veronica Orderud. I have been in contact with Per Orderud’s lawyer Arvid Sjødin, who also believes this is a clear reason for reinstatement.

This is what Orderud’s private investigator Tore Sandberg tells NTB.

According to the private investigator, all the predominant evidence used against the two during the trial were the statements of Kristin Kirkemo and Lars Grønnerød.

– What is problematic is that we are sitting with 16,600 pages of documents and cannot yet register having received these documents from the Readmission Commission, says Sandberg.

On Tuesday, State Attorney Sturla Henriksbø confirmed to VG that Kirkemo’s DNA has been found on pieces of tape that were used to attach a dynamite stick under Anne Orderud Paust’s car in 1998.

Kirkemo was prosecuted for the circumstances and was first convicted for this in the district court – but acquitted in the court of appeal.

Barely a year after the assassination attempt, Anne Orderud Paust, Marie Orderud and Kristian Magnus Orderud were killed on the Orderud farm in the former Sørum municipality in Akershus.

Kirkemo’s lawyer Vegard Aaløkken does not currently wish to comment on the latest information. The Re-admission Commission’s leader Kamilla Silseth does not want that either.

– This information will go into our review and argumentation to get the case reopened, emphasizes Sandberg.

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