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Top 6 Dogs The Best Animals looking for a home

Top 6 Dogs The Best Animals looking for a home


Willow is a 2-year-old socializing mixed breed dog who really enjoys being cuddled. She is a real snuggler, gets along with other dogs, and is well-behaved. The pretty mixed-breed lady is looking for a home on the outskirts of town and should not be kept as a second dog because she doesn’t like to share with her people.

Great Dane Luna

The four-year-old purebred Great Dane Luna needs a period of getting to know one another in order to build trust with people. Unfortunately, Luna doesn’t like other dogs or cats and needs a strong hand when walking on a leash. The waist-high beauty is housebroken, but staying alone still needs practice. She is looking for a home on the outskirts of town or in the country with plenty of space and a well-secured garden.

male Shepherd Kojak

The stately, eight-year-old male Shepherd Kojak is friendly, intelligent, and very athletic. He is looking for active owners who have experience in dog sports to continue his hobby together with him! Cats and children should not be in the same household.

old Shila

Eleven-year-old Shila, a lively Rottweiler, needs some time to warm up. The stately bitch does not like other dogs, but she is usually easily distracted and can be led past other dogs at the appropriate distance. Shila is housebroken, walks well on a leash, can stay alone for a while, and rides well in the car. Those who choose her should expect a little more training, as she takes treats roughly and defends herself against food. Shila is looking for owners with dog experience in rural areas.

Senior Ixy

Senior Ixy is a gentle, shy German Shepherd who longs for a cozy home. The nine-year-old bitch is initially reserved with strangers, but soon warms up and then enjoys stroking very much.


Dogsharing – In the US, sharing your own dog with another family is already a successful concept. A dog friend or animal-loving family is currently being sought in Vienna for the almost two-year-old Timmy , who will take over the Beauceron crossbreed for about three days a week after consultation with the owner. The young male is very playful for his age, active and shows himself to be a docile companion. He loves long walks in the Prater. If you are interested in offering Timmy a temporary home,

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