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we will respond to the removal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs video from YouTube

Moscow will respond to the removal of a series of videos of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from YouTube, said the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova.

“We will respond to that, we know how to respond to that and this time we will respond.” The corporation “Google”, the owner of “YouTube”, is obliged to stop the complete cleansing of the digital space of any alternative points of view, to stop working at the behest of the US special services in the framework of the information war and the hybrid aggression launched against Russia,” she said. at the briefing.

As a result of a special military operation, thousands of restrictive measures were applied against Moscow, including blocking the resources of the Sputnik and RT TV agencies. The pages of these media are not accessible to European users on the Google search engine, and their channels on YouTube and the Meta platform are also subject to censorship (the activities of Meta, social networks Facebook and Instagram are banned in Russia as extremist), reports Sputnik.

Many local journalists, who cooperate with Russian media, have been labeled “media, connected to the Russian government”.

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