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Why Tho? Zoom bully demands everyone be on camera. Is that the new rule?

Dear Lizzy,

I know it is 2023 but I need some Zoom etiquette advice. Recently, someone basically bullied me into going camera on during a call. Is this appropriate? Does a person need to be camera-on? Also, is it rude to join a Zoom camera on when everyone else is camera-off? What are the rules? When will this end?

Camera Off

Dear Camera Off,

Welcome to 2023, where everything is still a little up in the air.

First, I think the answer to your last question is: Never.

Video calls and meetings are a fact of life now and that means we have to accept it and probably, yes, figure out a few ground rules. But what are those ground rules? See sentence one.

OK, that’s too vague. I do think there are some rules we can agree on, starting with the number one rule, the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

That means bullying someone to go camera-on or camera-off or bullying someone for any reason at all ever, on or off Zoom, is totally inappropriate. Don’t do that. If someone is camera-off and you’d like them to be camera-on, you are allowed to ask and they are allowed to say, “I’m sorry, my [room, face, hair, life] is a mess and I am not camera-ready right now.”

If you are a boss or even an organizer of a meeting and you want people to be camera-on, set that expectation ahead of time. Be clear, either as a company-wide policy – “We are always camera-on in meetings unless you need to go to the bathroom or refill your coffee.” – or in the meeting invite – “I’d like everyone to come on camera when they present their findings.”

If you want people camera-on during meetings, be prepared for weird expressions and wandering eyes as people do their work or scroll Instagram, though.

As for should you join a meeting camera-on? Up to you. I personally like the connection of seeing people’s faces on the screen, but I acknowledge I am in the minority here. Still, I don’t think it is inherently bad or anything to go camera-on when everyone else is off. But it is a little like standing naked in a room where everyone else is wearing turtlenecks.

There is one place I think there is a set rule: In a one-on-one meeting, the default should always be camera on. If you don’t want to do a one-on-one with a camera involved, suggest a simple, old-fashioned phone call. Otherwise, get out of bed and turn that camera on.

Good luck!


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