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WordPress Permalinks: How to Optimiztion & Best Setting 

WordPress Permalinks: How to Optimization & Best Settings

WordPress Permalinks are URL structures that help visitors access to content on a website. Let’s discover together how they work!

WordPress permalinks
WordPress permalinks

What is a WordPress permalink and how to create one?
A WordPress permalink is a unique link that is generated for each post or page on your website.

These WordPress Permalinks  can take different forms:

  • Unique identifiers
  • Date and title
  • Month and title
  • Numerically
  • Publication Title
  • Custom structure
    These URLs are very important because they make your publications searchable. When a user searches in search engines like Google and by Internet users wishing to access your web content.

Why Care and Benefits of WordPress Permalinks?

Permalinks are URLs that you post on your website to allow access to your website. A website with a consistent, short and relevant link structure is easier to navigate than one with chaotic permalinks where you don’t understand the path you’re taking.WordPress Permalinks change with each other. That’s why it’s important to help your customers easily find the content they’re looking for.If WordPress Permalinks not working. You need to know your content is not seo friendly. Which is suffering your website terrific.

These permalinks consist of words, numbers, or special characters separated by slashes (example: /blog/my-post/my-article).

WordPress permalink structure

Why is it important to change your WordPress permalink structure?

  1. Gives your visitors a user-friendly way.
  2. When a visitor lands on your site, they need to immediately understand the link structure you’re presenting them. This way he will be able to identify the navigation you offer him. This works especially well on sites with a structured link structure: https://example.com/category/page-web.html
  3. As you may have realized, the simpler your structure, the easier it will be recognized by your visitors. Best practice is to separate short, readable words with “-“. Informed visitors will also be able to browse your website directly through the URL bar.

Essential in 2022 but always useful to remind you. Offer your visitors a secure browsing protocol. Quickly integrate the https:// standard into your website, this way communications will be encrypted and hacked by sniffers more difficult. This is especially helpful for e-commerce websites.

Why is optimization useful for SEO?

Google’s algorithm updates change the way websites are ranked. These updates are designed to keep Google relevant by providing the most useful information to Internet users. This is why, following Google’s recommendations, it is advisable to implement these two best practices to allow good search and indexing:

Make sure to use your main keyword in your WordPress Permalinks URL.

Provide only one URL version for website visitors to access your content.
Plagiarized content that you upload to another website incurs heavy penalties on your website, do not serve the same content twice on different subdomains:

  • https://www.example.com/your-new-webpage
  • https://dev.example.com/your-new-webpage
    Suggest redirecting your main domain name to the “www” subdomain to facilitate direct search on the address bar. You will find a practical case at this URL that is suitable for natural referencing.

How to Change Your WordPress Permalinks?

How to Change Your WordPress Permalinks?
  • Go to your WordPress admin panel.
  • Go to the Settings section.
  • Go to the Permalinks subheading.

Ideally select “Publication Title” by checking the Headline Analyzer.
So! The URL of your future pages and blog posts will automatically update according to the title of your content. For more customizations, I recommend using SEO helper extensions like Yoast SEO or RankMath SEO.

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