YouTube Music Spotted Testing AI-Generated Custom Radio Station Feature

YouTube Music Spotted Testing AI-Generated Custom Radio Station Feature

YouTube Music has been spotted testing a new artificial intelligence (AI) feature that will allow users to generate unique radios with the help of an experimental tool. The new feature works with text-based prompts, meaning users can describe what they want to listen to, and the AI generates a radio station with similar songs in it. Earlier users could only create a radio based on a song or an artist and get similar song recommendations. An earlier report claimed that YouTube is in talks with major record labels to use copyrighted songs to develop AI tools for its Music app.

YouTube Music AI Radio Station Spotted in Testing

Reddit user u/kater_pro spotted a new feature on YouTube Music that is marked as experimental. Describing the feature, the Redditor said that it allows users to write a prompt which creates instantly generates a custom radio station. This is the only known report about the feature to date, so it’s currently unclear how widely it is being tested.

YouTube Music rival Spotify recently released a similar feature dubbed Personalised Playlist for Premium users, which is currently in beta testing. Amazon has also released a similar feature dubbed Maestro in the US.

YouTube Music AI radio feature
Photo Credit: Reddit/kater_pro


An image shared by the Reddit user reveal that the feature has been marked as ‘experimental’. The text on the suggestion tells users to “Ask for music any way you like”. A second screenshot shows what appears to be an AI-generated radio station.

youtube music ai radio2 YouTube Music

YouTube Music AI-generated radio
Photo Credit: Reddit/kater_pro


The feature also appears to include a playlist title along with a short description of the radio station. Multiple songs connected with the theme requested by the user are also included in the screenshot shared by the Redditor. At the bottom, several prompt suggestions for other music genres are also displayed.

It is unclear whether they will be added as a secondary filter to the existing radio or if it will prompt the AI to generate a new radio. At the bottom, the Ask for Music feature, which was recently reported, can also be seen.

Users who do not yet have access to this feature can still create a standard radio channel on YouTube Music by selecting a song or an artist. The algorithm then selects songs similar to the source. If the new feature exits the experimental phase, it could be rolled out to more beta testers, and eventually allow all YouTube Music users to create a radio station based on what they want to hear.

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